Background and Rationale

My social enterprise mission is to help increase consumer awareness on social enterprises and help market products of social enterprises by tapping one of the multi-billion industries in the Philippines – the wedding industry and engaging the buyers to purchase their wedding souvenirs from social enterprises. This in turn may help increase conscious consumerism among consumers and at the same time support social enterprises in making their businesses sustainable.

Wedding industry is a great potential market for social enterprises. It is a multi-billion dollar industry in the Philippines which is expected to further increase as the income of young Filipino professionals also increases. Citing the statistics from a news article[1], there are 485,000 weddings in the Philippines on average in a year and spending for each wedding is around PHP335,000.00. On average, a couple would spend about 2-3% of their budget on souvenirs.

Most couples would give their guests cupcakes made by famous pastry chefs or from famous online food sellers or just browse the internet and shop for common wedding souvenirs such as key chains, ref magnets, figurines, mugs, etc. Of all the weddings I attended, I can only think of one (1) couple who are socially conscious on what souvenirs they want to give their guests. They gave us luggage tags made by women who are members of a cooperative in a province in the Philippines. If only we can have more couples who are socially conscious on their wedding expenses, there will be a lot more social enterprises that will be supported to make their enterprises sustainable.  Moreover, wedding events are huge market reach to promote products made by social enterprises.

Description of Product or Service 

Wedding couples tend to look at wedding sites to have an idea on the venue, wedding dress, theme, invitations, etc. Almost all wedding sites only provide a directory of wedding suppliers stating only their contact information and link to their website. While there may be wedding blogs which feature environment friendly products or those that are made by social enterprises, these types of blog are difficult to find and are not easily searchable.

My aim is to create an online shopping site for wedding souvenirs made by social enterprises. The shopping site should not only provide description of the products but also share the stories of these social enterprises. Initially, featured products will be from well-known/established social enterprises to gain visits on the site. Eventually, the site will feature products of start-up social enterprises.

Commissions from the product sales will be allotted to website maintenance. Excess profit will be allocated to help start social enterprises which can produce other wedding supplies. This will increase product range to be sold and more social enterprises to be featured in the site.

Impact of this proposed social enterprise will be measured by the number of website visits and number of shares in social media platforms of any of the shopping website’s contents to measure consumer engagement, revenue from product sale, number of featured products and social enterprises, and percentage increase in the social enterprise’s revenue brought about by this shopping website.

Benefits to stakeholders (e.g., consumers, community, producers, etc.)

Wedding couples can purchase unique wedding souvenirs which at the same time ultimately help communities to be sustainable. They will also be more familiar with what social enterprises do which they can share with their family and friends. Social enterprises being supported by this shopping site will gain market exposure which can help increase their product sales to be able to support their social mission.

Value proposition (statement on who the enterprise will serve and how it will serve them)

To increase conscious consumerism among wedding couples by providing them a platform which offers unique wedding souvenirs made by social enterprises.

To help market products made by social enterprises by featuring their products and their story in a shopping website.


[1] Galolo, Jeandie O. 25 August 2016. Wedding industry thrives in the Philippines. Retrieved from

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